Flexible Hours & Affordable Rates

Working from home on Auckland’s North Shore makes George’s notary fees very affordable as there are no large law firm overheads to cover. His service is also relaxed, friendly and there is free parking on site.

George is able to notarise documents outside of work hours and on weekends.

The fee is usually $200 incl GST (or $100 for the first document and $20 for each document thereafter) whichever is the greater.

Give George a call or send a message to +64212725264 or gdeeb01@gmail.com to enquire about his document verification and witnessing costs and to book an appointment time that best suits you!

6 thoughts on “Flexible Hours & Affordable Rates

  1. Hello,
    Can a set of multiple papers be categorized as one document?
    For example, I have a school transcript and it has 6 pages.
    Thank you for your answer in advance.


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